Collaboration with a European Company to set up or expand the production of Antibiotic, Anticancer, APIs and Bio-products in India

Company Overview: 30+ years’ Old European Biotech Company that provides fermentation technologies, semi-synthesis technologies and corresponding basic engineering which accelerate and optimize the production of antibiotics, anticancer drugs, immune-suppressants, steroids, statins, nutraceutical, cosmetic, amino acids, and vitamins. The technologies offered by the company can have two different levels of implementation:
  • industrial scale
  • pilot scale
Fermentation Technologies: Daptomycin, Teicoplanin, Vancomycin, Polymixin B, Clavulanic acid, DHA-Omega 3, Hyaluronic acid, L-Lactic acid, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2 and others.
Semi-Synthesis Technologies: Doxorubicin, Epirubicin, Idarubicin, Cabergoline, Nicergoline, Minocycline, Canrenone, Spironolactone
Company Offerings:
  • Technology Transfer: Direct evaluation of the technology by the client, with test in fermentor. Verification of the process in the Pilot plant in Romania with a detailed explanation of Laboratory procedures, Fermentation phase, Down-stream phase and Analytical part.
  • Process Improvement: Scientific literature fonts, Identification of optimal starting strain, Application of traditional strain improvement procedures, Genetic engineering procedure, Modification of the process parameters and Scale up of the process.
  • Engineering and Consulting: Industrial fermenter design, process scale-up from laboratory to industrial scale, sterile design and evaluation of existing production plants, feasibility study, basic & preliminary engineering services.
  • Cost Optimization: Evaluation of Variable cost, raw materials and energy, Equipment cost, Time of fermentation, Workability of the harvest broth, Procedure compatibility with the molecular stability of the final product, Patents, Environmental impact.
Proposal: The Company is willing to get into a technical collaboration with Indian companies to develop latest technology or improve existing technology to produce antibiotic, anticancer, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and bio-products in India.  The deal would be based on Licensing or Franchise model. Fundraising or subsidy from government could be arranged.