Healthcare Recruitment

First Fully Automated Healthcare Recruitment Platform looking to raise funds for business expansion

Company Overview: A healthcare recruitment platform that brings together millions of healthcare professionals, employers and recruiters. Supported by AI and machine learning this innovative technology platform shortlist candidates based on a large number of industry specific parameters including exams, memberships, licenses and clinical skills which enables employers to recruit faster and more effectively. Founded in 2018, Company is domiciled in Ireland with a subsidiary in the US.
The Company also has a unique charging model wherein the fee is collected based on their performance. It only charges customers when they want to see full contact details of the best of pre-selected candidates. The platform was launched globally in March 2020. Global operations are currently focused on English-speaking markets such as US, UK, Australia, India, Middle East which account for around 50% share of total 200 million people employed in the healthcare industry worldwide.
Technology & Process:
The automated matching is done between employers (hospitals, clinics, recruitment firms) who place healthcare job offers via a web-based system and employees who receive pushed job offers and/or scroll them in a mobile app or via the same web-based interface as employers.
Key USPs:
  • First fully automated and global recruitment platform for the healthcare sector
  • Powered by a unique skill-based job match technology and cutting-edge machine learning
  • Currently 1,300 institutional clients (hospitals, clinics, traditional recruitment agencies), 50% out of which are US based have listed 11,000 jobs on the platform.
  • Expected revenue of the first 12 months is $1.5 million
Proposal: The company is looking to raise funds of US$ 2.5Mn for the expansion of the business: sales & marketing, further IT works, new features such as educational platform content, new languages (Spanish, French and German).