Hydro Turbine

Austrian Mini Hydropower Turbine Manufacturer looking for a Distribution Partner in India

Company Overview: The company was established in 2017 to further develop and market the basic principles of its plug & play hydropower turbine. It is used for the energetic and economic use of hydropower potential with a head of maximum 1.5m. This makes it possible to use existing steps in bodies of water without massive dams. The turbine achieves efficiencies of over 90% and at the same time resembles a water wheel with the ability to be easily integrated into a wide variety of water situations. Since the production is constant during day and night, this is a very reliable source of electricity even without extensive storage systems. Sufficient output for the average consumption of 350 households in emerging countries.
Product Overview:
The innovation of product is characterized by blades which are pivoted in the frame, whereby the blades rotate kinematically determinate in relation to the body frame. The kinematic behaviour and interaction between the special designed hub, blade and river bed geometry enable the highly efficient exploitation of very low head hydropower potentials, which are unused so far.
The product provides:
  • There are no real cells anymore, whereby venting problems are eliminated.
  • Ideal velocity vectors throughout the entire movement involve always blade parallel relative velocity vectors, which then reduce turbulence losses significantly.
  • An environmentally friendly operation and long operating life results from low rotational speeds.
  • A patent has been applied for the operation principle.
  • Efficiency >90% with ideal part load characteristic.
  • Low Civil Engineering Cost
Proposal: The Company is keen on entering the Indian sub-continent market including India, Nepal, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka and is looking for a suitable distribution partner in India. The company is currently manufacturing the turbine in Austria and will packed units for supply it in Indian market. In case of sufficient demand the production could be moved partially to India.