Li-Ion Batteries

Technical Collaboration: Li-ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles

Company Overview: The European Company has a market-leading technology for managing Lithium-ion batteries, delivering safe, durable performance. They design and manufacture Li Ion batteries that can be used as Battery Energy Storage Systems for grid control, residential or commercial power storage and EV. A production line can manufacture approx 120 MWh of cells per annum.
The key USP of these Li Ion batteries are:
  • They use non-toxic and fully 100% recyclable materials
  • Their lifetime is much higher than existing products from China (Technical details available after confidentiality conditions are met)
  • Highest safety design – no on board control electronics
  • Lowest per kwh price compared to industry
  • Lithium-ion batteries have higher energy densities which makes it possible to make the battery size smaller than others while retaining the same storage capacity.
  • Cobalt is not used in the batteries so they are not radioactive and safe for use
Proposal: The Company is willing to get into a technical collaboration with Indian companies to produce the latest technology version in India that would last out many times more than the Chinese versions and still be very competitive in costs. The deal would be based on Licensing or Franchise model. The licensor will provide complete support required for setting up the manufacturing plant and assembling in India.

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