Long Range Rifle

Technical Collaboration with European High Precision Rifle & Guns Manufacturer

Company Overview: The Company is a premium maker of High Precision Rifle & Guns which are especially designed for military, army and other law enforcement agencies featuring double rifles, double shotguns, drillings, stalking rifles and the new triple barrelled shotgun. It has the machinery and technical skills to make all the components in its manufacturing facility. After years of research, the company introduced a revolutionary technology to seek a way to reduce weight using Titanium which is best metal grade for premium applications. In 2010 it launched first titanium based state-of-the-art high precision rifle that weighs 45% less than a regular Mauser steel action.
It is among the few gunmakers across the world that still builds multi-barrelled weapons used by law enforcements. The Company received numerous acknowledgements for quality, creativity and innovative power, in addition to registering several technical patents.
Production Process & Technology:
  • Planning: State-of-the-art technology is used to generate accurate 3D modelling design drafts which in turn create a framework for material preparation and processing that smoothly blends with the manual skills of experienced craftsmen.
  • Metalwork: Number of key technical processes are involved in the assembly of the gun – barrel making, jointing, crafting locks, trigger mechanisms, safeties – which lead to shaping of the profile of the action.
  • Woodwork: Special filing and sanding techniques are used and traditional oils are rigorously applied to protect the wood from rough use.
  • Regulating: Mechanical functions of all internal parts are inspected carefully such as trigger pulls, striking, opening, ejecting and closing to ensure the gun is safe to use and its components are working in harmony.
  • Testing & Delivery: Every gun or rifle goes under a thorough testing process during which it is checked for hunting suitability to ensure it meets all quality criteria.
Proposal: The Company is willing to get into a technical collaboration with Indian companies to manufacture high quality luxury guns and rifles for Defence in India. The deal would be based on licensing model.