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US based Medical Device Manufacture: Respiratory, CPAP & Sterilization is looking for a Strategic Partner for Majority Buyout

Company Overview: A US based company that manufactures medical devices especially Respiratory, CPAP & Sterilization has been experiencing explosive growth with their innovative solutions for the disinfection, oxygen therapy, and sleep therapy markets. It has an expanding customer base of over 600 active customers consisting of national and regional home respiratory therapy and medical equipment providers, domestic and international distributors, and various directors to consumer channels. In addition, it has 36 patents either issued or pending.
Growth will be driven by several new product launches, continued market share gains, and new distribution channels. The company has US$ 33Mn revenue with US$ 6Mn EBITDA in 2020. CAGR is expected to grow by 29.5% between 2020 and 2024. Revenue is strong YTD despite the COVID-19 crisis. The current healthcare environment is expected to positively impact top and bottom-line performance.
Company Offerings:
The company manufactures medical devices mainly Respiratory (O2), CPAP & Sterilization equipment. It provides innovative solutions for the disinfection, oxygen therapy, and sleep therapy and is catering to more than 600 customers at the moment. It also offers over 60 homecare products which help to ease the life of people suffering from serious respiratory & other troubles.
Proposal: Due to owner’s severe health issues, the company is looking for a strategic partner for a majority buyout, including a sale of the company.