Oxygen Concentrator

Collaboration Opportunity with Foreign Company to set up manufacturing unit of Portable Oxygen Concentrator in India


Established in 2014, the company is a trusted brand that develops and manufactures a range of high-quality, safe and reliable respiratory equipment that help healthcare professionals and providers worldwide to meet the needs of patients and to achieve high standards of care. The equipment is designed, manufactured and delivered to the highest standards and comply with applicable quality and regulatory standards. The company maintains its position as a market leader in its field with innovation solution such as Portable Oxygen Concentrator which is well known for is advanced technology.
Key Features:
  • Very low sound, suitable for 24 hour application
  • Equipped with separate Nebulizer output
  • With 5 layers of air filters together with anti-bacterial filter, which prohibits the entrance of impurities and bacteria
  • High output pressure for using longer tubes
  • Smart board and automatic alarm for high temperature, low or high pressure, power outrage, and decreased oxygen purity
  • 96% Oxygen purity
Portable Oxygen Analyzer: Used to measure the purity of oxygen, the sensor uses the latest technology of gases measurement based on waves which has more efficiency and a better lifetime compared to electrochemical sensors of the old generation. This tool can be used to test home and hospital oxygen generators, respiratory equipment, oxygen capsules and all the cases where there is need to measure the purity of Oxygen. Some major features include:
  • Measurement of oxygen purity using wave technology
  • Small Size & portable
  • Stability in Oxygen Measurement
  • Capability of working with battery & adapter
  • High precision & proper price
  • No need for constant calibration
  • Long Life (more than 5 years)
Proposal: The Company is looking for suitable partner to form a Joint Venture and set up a manufacturing unit in India to produce portable oxygen concentrator and oxygen monitor sensors.