Leading Austrian Pork Company is seeking for partner to monopolize Indian Pork Industry

Company Overview:
The company works on behalf of Austrian farmers, meat processing companies and restaurateurs in order to ensure the existence of the farms and enterprises for future generations. Their focus in the moment is the production of high quality pork. Special focus on keeping the pigs must correspond to the bio procedures of AMA (Agrar-Markt Austria).


  • Energy demand Electricity/Gas (Savings up to -50%)
  • Fodder purchase special products
  • Photovoltaics consulting & installation
  • Enterprise insurance specialized on farmers, meat processors and restaurateurs
  • Logistic of slurry rearrange
  • Washing & cleansing stabling/temporary worker
  • Pig fattening - Lease/Purchase, Rewarding Mast

Solicit: The company aims at developing its business in Asian market, by joining hands with well-motivated and established companies to monopolize rapidly evolving Indian pork industry. .