Protein Energy Bars

European Vegan Energy Bars Manufacturer is looking for a Distribution Partner in India

About the Brand: Founded in 2009, the company is leading within the category of fruit and nut bars in the EU market and continues to experience strong growth globally. The company has its own production facility in EU and its products are available in 30 countries. It is also an official supplier to the  Army.
The bars are produced in EU using the best possible quality of raw materials. It’s made out of dried fruit and nuts and is perfect for on the go, as a snack in between, or before and after sports. Three basic ingredients are used – Dates, Almonds & Cashews.
They are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and contain no artificial flavorings, colorings or added sugar. Flavors include: cashew, coconut, cacao, apple cinnamon, vanilla berries, peanuts, spicy lime and protein.
These protein bars fit in different channels and are sold through following modes:
  • Natural Channel: Health, Bio, Drug Stores
  • Specialty Channel: Sport, Outdoor, Gym, Fitness Centre
  • Convenience, Out of home: Convenience Store, Gas stations, Travel, Canteens, Vending, Cafes, Hotels, Foodservice
  • Food Retail: Premium Mass retail, Supermarkets
  • E-Commerce: Online Stores
The company provides the bars in following packages:
  • Floor Display which can contain 16 display boxes. It is also possible to order only the tray and the top sign for second placements. The older version can hold 12-20 display boxes.
  • Dumper display has adjustable bottom and can hold from 6-12 display boxes.
  • Dispenser can hold 2 display boxes (24 pcs)
Proposal: The Company is keen on expanding to Indian sub-continent market including India, Nepal, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka and is looking for a suitable distribution partner in India.