Semi Conductor

Collaboration with European Company for Setting up a Manufacturing Unit of Semi-Conductors in India

Company Overview: Based in Europe the company is part of the Semiconductor & Other Electronic Component Manufacturing Industry with many years of experience as a contract manufacturer of electronic assemblies. The company has three manufacturing sites in Europe and two corporate offices (one in China). It has more than 200 employees and generates around US$121.73 Mn in sales.
Sectors: The Company provides customized industrial solutions such as embedded systems, measuring systems and sensors, power packs, PCBs in radio transponders, LED applications, heating technology and cooling equipment. Some of the major sectors that company caters to include Automotive, Aviation, Medical, and Power & Energy.
Products & Services: The Company offers wide range of services including:
  • Product Development: It covers project management, circuit design, hardware development including layout, software development, engineering and design, sample development and prototyping, endurance and environmental testing.
  • Manufacturing: Simple, Effective, high precision assembly technology (automated & manual), Innovative & flexible surface mounting and connection technology, Standardized & cost-efficient testing and analysis technology, Fully connected and traceable digitalization & networking technology
  • Supply Chain Management: Customer Service & Procurement where in the company act as an interface between customers and vendors. Purchasing in which the company assist with logistics, lifecycle management and obsolescence management for customers.
  • Product Testing: Customized testing process for individual product which covers four phases – development of a testing strategy, the creation of a test concept, in-house construction of test equipment and performance of the various tests.
Key Features:
  • Electronics manufacturing services offering first-class quality and maximum efficiency
  • Fully-automated production solutions based on the latest technology
  • Manually produced assemblies at optimized overall costs
  • Electronics all inclusive: Product Design & Development, Material management including purchasing, PCB assembly, Automation solutions and testing procedures, Terminal device assembly, Small series and prototyping
Proposal: The company is looking for a joint venture partner in India to establish a unit here and to access the Indian market.