Solar EPC

Collaboration with European Company for a Solar Power project in India on EPC + Finance basis

Company Overview: European company known for designing and constructing utility size turnkey Photovoltaic (PV) and Solar Thermal (ST) power plants. The company takes up from planning to build large size renewable power plants for investors from across the world in places like Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain and others on EPC basis & bring the finance for the project. The company has strong links with leading panel manufacturers and solar thermal collector who provide best PV panels and solar thermal collector which help the company to generally provide higher yields than expected. In the last years the company has successfully completed a substantial number of large PV and ST power plants.
Turnkey Solutions: The Company provides many years of extensive experience in the turnkey realization of large PV power plants.
  • Project Development: Plans and develops PV power plant projects for investors. This includes carrying out the initial economic feasibility forecasts, finding a suitable location, securing title to the land and taking care of all feed-in contracts with energy utilities.
  • Execution: Under the leadership and quality control of the company’s experienced engineers, the PV power plant can be constructed in the shortest possible time.
  • Operation: During the entire period of operation and use, the company checks all functions of the photovoltaic power plant and documents its performance on an ongoing basis.
Proposal: The Company is looking to collaborate with an Indian company for a solar power project on EPC + finance basis in India. They would arrange financing for up to 10 years for suitable projects that they would collaborate with Indian companies & bring finance from the EU.

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