Spine Technology

US based Wireless Spine Rod Sensor developer is looking for a Strategic Partner for Majority Buyout

Company Overview: Founded in 2008 by a renowned US based spine surgeon, the company developed a wireless implantable microelectronic spinal rod strain sensors which are designed to assess the pressure and stress on spinal implants. These sensors provides spine surgeons objective data on rod strain as they assess postoperative fusion progress, enabling surgeons to objectively assess the strain on implanted spinal fusion rods and improve outcomes and lower postoperative healthcare costs. The company holds 14 patents covering the technology and process, enforceable in the U.S. and Europe.  
Company Offerings:
The company offers three main products which include:
  • A patented & FDA approved passively powered, single use, disposable, wireless sensor to quantify & standardize rod strain. It allows surgeon data to “prescribe” force to impart on spine & avoid screw/rod breakage.
  • Postoperative implantable passively powered strain sensor & fusion monitor for Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis (“JIS”) patients and adult spinal fusion monitoring. Implanted sensor can be read remotely using a reader or spinal brace with integrated reader.
  • An electronic module that detects if a patient is wearing their Lumbar and thoracolumbar brace. Records and uploads the information to a secure website through user’s smartphone. It monitors wearing time, posture and activity.
This patented and FDA approved revolutionary system has tanium/zirconia ceramic, strain sensing device, which includes RFID technology, intended to enable access to strain measurement values, incorporating a passive transponder, inserter and scanner.
Proposal: The company is looking for a strategic partner for a majority buyout, including a sale of the company.