Tunnelling Project

Collaboration with European Company for Tunnelling & Engineering projects in India


Company Overview:
Austrian tailor-made Consulting Services Company which consists of a core team of Experts covering various areas of engineering and construction. The team is well experienced in handling projects around the globe, and is familiar with local working and living habits in several countries around the world, including India
Company Offerings: The Company offers wide range of services including:
  • Tunnelling: Feasibility Studies, Conceptual Design, Preliminary Design, Final Design, Tender Design, Good for Construction Design, Construction Supervision
  • Infrastructure: Bridge Design, Survey, Traffic route engineering (Roads and Highway)
  • Structural Engineering: Structural Analysis, FEM Numerical Modelling/Simulations, 3D Modelling, Virtual Reality Design, Review and Optimisation
  • Geology: Setup and Supervision of underground investigation campaigns, Assessment of underground investigations, Risk assessment and analysis, Natural hazard investigation/ assessment, Surface and Face Mapping
  • Engineering Consultancy: Employers, Clients and Company Consultancy, Proof Checking, Contract Management, Claim management, Independent Assessment, Mediation, Commercial Management
Some Past Projects: High Speed Railway Line Nuremberg (Germany), S1 Tunnel Danube (Austria), Metro Doha (Qatar), Rohtang Tunnel (India), Thames Tideway Tunnel (UK), Dulles Corridor Rapid Transit Project (USA).
Proposal: The company is looking for a joint venture partner in the domestic market to bid for government projects in the field of tunnels and other engineering services, the company would provide the expertise while the local partner should be able to provide the man power and the execution abilities.