Back Office Services
ILO Consulting is a reputed and globally recognized industry leader offering cutting-edge Back Office and IT solutions worldwide. We provide best-in-class support services across sectors leveraging our uniquely designed solutions which are vertically integrated and tailored to the need of the customer delivered through a client-intensive, domain focused global model. We enjoy building long-term relationships and repeating business from every one of our clients due to our unbending focus on complete client satisfaction. We achieve this through high standards set for our team, emphasis on consistent quality and maintaining punctuality in completing the task assigned.
From full Finance and Accounting service to Business Consulting to ongoing Human Resource and Payroll to Marketing services, ILO Consulting has been strategic and operational business partner of various domestic & international companies. We provide complete back office support so that our clients can focus on their main business activities and serve the customers.  
Finance, Accounting & Compliances:
Successful business needs effective finance, accounting and billing but all these important functions could be tedious and very labor-intensive. Managing this routine takes lot of time and can divert the attention of valuable business leaders without providing any real value to increase the efficiency of business operations and billing trends. Our team of expert accountants and billing personnel can help you address these challenges. We provide efficient, accurate, cost-effective support and our extensive experience of working with companies across sectors help us to offer a highly-integrated model which minimizes the time and expenses for our clients. This relieves the management from spending their time on basic technicalities of accounting and use their valuable time wisely on developing a growth and profitability strategy.
  • Invoicing and Client Billing (Manual & E-Billing)
  • Bookkeeping (Accounts Payable/Receivable, General Ledger)
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Periodic Corporate & Tax Compliances
Human Resource & Payroll:
Growth of any business depends highly on the people running it from the top management level to the employees involved in day-to-day operations. This requires having an effective internal system for them to function well individually and as a team. But from HR administration to professional development, providing quality services to employees could be a difficult task to accomplish under a tight budget.
We help our clients to reduce support costs, install a standardize process and improve the working atmosphere without taking the attention away from the strategic goals of the business. Our HR & Payroll services act as a powerful catalyst in Business Process Transformation as we offer faster, easier payroll and HR administration that elevates the performance and compliance firmly steering the company towards smooth management and maximization of human resource.
  • HR Administration – Paperwork Processing with Employees & Vendors; Answering Employee questions, HR Compliances
  • Payroll Processing – On-boarding new employees, Eligibility Verification, Background Checking, Salary Slip & Reports, Termination Process, Provident Fund, Gratuity, Leave Management
  • Other HR Consulting – Employee Handbook & Guides, Innovative HR ideas, Job Openings & Descriptions, Recruitment Plan, Employee Helpdesk
Marketing & Business Development:
With the growing competition, effective and innovative marketing has become increasingly critical for success. However, marketing requires resources, expertise and managements’ attention outside the primary business activities. Our Marketing & Business Development team provides detailed sector specific market report on customers and competitors at regular interval of time or on request of the company. Our trained professionals specialize in creating polished marketing and promotional materials that present your business in the best possible light.
  • Promotional materials, presentations, sales pitches and preparing proposals
  • Market Study and Competitors Analysis
  • CRM & Sales support
  • Pricing and Profitability Analysis
Third Party Call Handling Support:
If your firm is not handling customer enquiries properly, then you are turning business away. This is indisputable. Recent research shows that more than 60% of the businesses don’t have someone available to speak to the caller whereas 85% of firms admit that they do not have a structured process to handle the client enquiries. To improve this you need to provide adequate training to your sales / front desk team which will again sap your time and could be extra expense.
It is not easy to make a phone ring so if you are investing in your business and generating leads, it is important to handle them properly. We have a designated help desk, each of whom attend the calls and ensure all queries are cleared diligently. Our industry trained professionals act as bridge between clients and the company and also manage the post allocation service.
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