Brazil's economy is the world's eighth-largest by nominal GDP and seventh-largest by GDP (PPP) as of 2015. One of the world's major breadbaskets, Brazil has been the largest producer of coffee for the last 150 years. Brazil has abundant natural resources. Active in agricultural, mining, manufacturing and service sectors Brazil has a labor force of over a 107 million and unemployment of 6.2%. Major export products include aircraft, electrical equipment, automobiles, ethanol, textiles, footwear, iron ore, steel, coffee, orange juice, soybeans and corned beef.

ILO Consulting Services

ILO Consulting has a well developed collaboration with leading advisory groups in Brazil to provide better assistance to its clients by heling them with their business expansion in Brazil. Our alliance ensures smooth transition for our ambitious clients as our associate advisor is more acquainted with local conditions and would be better equipped to facilitate the requested services diligently in Brazil.