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EU Wastewater Treatment & Bioenergy Technology

Industry: Environment
Years in Business: 28 years
Country: Poland
Transaction: Technical Collaboratio
Revenue: Not Disclosed
Number of Employees: Not Disclosed

Project Summary

Established in 1995, the European company is a supplier of wastewater, water reuse and waste to biogas technologies that minimize operating costs and ensure the technical safety of leading industrial plants and municipalities. It has more than 200 references in the municipal, food, beverage, dairy, electrotechnical, chemical, paper, pharmaceutical and many other industries as well as in medium size cities.

Strategically spread over Europe and South-East Asia, the company now looks to enter the Indian market and are willing to collaborate with industry leaders to implement their unique technologies in India.

Technology Overview

The company is a source of proprietary, awarded technologies and processes. It specializes in complex wastewater treatment applications and their core competences covers anaerobic and membrane technologies which include:

  1. Membrane bioreactors as a replacement of conventional secondary clarifiers or in membrane systems for up- and down-streams.
  2. Anaerobic bioreactors for wastewater treatment including anaerobic membrane bioreactors and anaerobic digestion of sludge and organic waste including thermal hydrolysis plants.
  3. Biogas treatment including biological and membrane separation and biogas drying.


The company is looking for a willing Indian partner to collaborate with (through a technical collaboration) in order to expand into the Indian market and undertake projects in India.

Investment Highlights:

  1. Palette of proprietary solutions for industrial Wastewater treatment & recovery, bioenergy
  2. Core competences covers Anaerobic and Membrane technologies
  3. 120+ completed projects across sectors
  4. Minimize operating costs and ensure the technical safety of leading industrial plants and municipalities.
  5. Custom engineered solutions tailored for specific needs to close the loop

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