Auto Components

The  Indian auto components industry has been growing in these last years primarily on account of the domestic automobile industry whose turnover was USD 73 billion in 2010-11, growing at over 15% CAGR during the last 5-7 years. Not just that, in the last ten years, the volumes, exports and turnover of the Indian automobiles industry have increased by 3.8, 19.6 and 6 times respectively. Also, the contribution of this sector to the National GDP has risen from 2.77% in 1992-93 to close to 6% at present.

India surpassed France, UK and Italy to become the 6th largest vehicle manufacturer globally in 2010-11. Today, it is the largest manufacturer of tractors, second largest manufacturer of two wheelers and fifth largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles and is emerging as a global automotive hub. At present, there are 19 manufacturers of passenger cars & multi utility vehicles, 14 manufacturers of commercial vehicles, 16 of 2/3 wheelers and 12 of tractors besides 5 manufacturers of engines in India. This includes virtually all the major global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and also home grown companies.
The Indian automobile industry has a robust installed capacity of over 19 million units (4 million for four wheelers and 15 million for two/three wheelers) with an overall investment till date of USD 16 billion. The sales also are dominated by two wheelers which account for 75% of the total vehicles sold in the country. In the passenger car segment, India is mainly a small car market though mid size and big car sale is continuously rising in recent years.

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