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Valuing a Company | Methods of Company Valuation

It is very useful to have an accurate and comprehensive company valuation as it provides details on different variables underpinning the value of business. In addition to this, it also indicates the impact of any fluctuations in variables can have on the value. For a M&A transaction, whether acquisition, divestment, joint venture, or fundraising, drawing up a valuation is a fundamental step while preparing for favourable negotiations as well as for maximizing value of the company.

Our valuation experts have decades of experience in providing valuation services to both our domestic and international clients. Our opinions and recommendations are logical, well-thought-out backed by numerical based arguments and latest analytical tools. We are up for any challenge and our team is well-equipped to navigate any complex valuation related issues that the client needs a solution for.

Importance of Valuation for a Seller:

Business Valuation is an important tool for a seller to negotiate the terms of sale as it tells them a value range of their business and makes the seller aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the business which could be quite critical in a sale process.

  • Know true value of your business.
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business.
  • Variables underpinning the company valuation.
  • Impact of potential synergies with the buyer on future value of business.

Importance of Valuation for a Buyer:

We believe as a buyer you should not accept the valuation carried out by the seller, you should do your own assessment that would help in understanding the target in-depth and pick out angles that could be useful in negotiations.

  • Seller’s judgement could be clouded by emotions, carry out your own rigorous assessment & determine right value of target business.
  • By analysing the financial history of the company, a buyer can understand the how the company is performing, its current situation and what its future looks like.
  • Study the cash flow of company and what is to be paid out so that you can structure the offer adequately.
  • For understanding the business, the buyer should know how to read the current standing and trends from the financial statements of company.

How does ILOC help with Business Valuation?

Whether you are planning an acquisition or looking to sell your business, form a Joint Venture or raising funds to expand business, our valuation experts are here to help you with the challenges of transaction. We use modern data analytics and visualization tools that enable us to deal with the complications of modelling and all kinds of valuation issues.

  • We advise the board members, promoters and senior management on raising capital, how to leverage market opportunities and structure divestments, acquisitions or joint ventures.
  • We provide quick and impartial advice deal pricing and business synergies & viability in an M&A transaction based on benchmarking, financial modelling and latest valuation techniques.
  • While raising funds through equity or debt for business, we offer our clients independent analysis and valuation of equity shares and assets that helps with building financial business plans.
  • We advise stakeholders and creditors on valuation as well as strategic disposal options based on financial modelling during corporate or debt restructuring.

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