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In today’s world technology keeps on changing rapidly. Modern and sophisticated technology is important for further qualitative production & business expansion. There is quite a gap between technical advancement in developed and developing nations. Therefore, technical Collaboration or technology transfer through a cross-border joint venture is considered an important tool to bridge that gap and to amplify competitiveness, exploit opportunities and accelerate growth of business.

Technical Collaboration mostly happens when there is a product or technology that is not available in India and could be very useful for the growth of Indian market & there is a foreign company who is willing to share the technical know-how rather than form an investment based joint venture. Generally, the company receiving the technology gives the licensor or technology provider a minority stake in the business or gets into a licensing agreement based on royalty or sometimes a combination of both depending on the mutual interest of the parties.

Major Sectors for Technical Collaboration:

From our past experiences and our market study, we have noticed that most of the technical collaborations are carried have been carried out in following sectors:

  • Electric Vehicles & Batteries
  • Clean Tech / Environment Improvements
  • Auto Components
  • Pharmaceutical & Medical Equipment
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Aerospace
  • Agritech
  • Alternative Energy Solutions

Importance of Technology transfer for MSMEs:

Technical collaborations are not only important for large organizations, but it could play a big role in growth of small and medium sized enterprises who can utilize such collaborations to compete with larger competitors. Instead of paying for internal R&D, MSMEs are able to forge alliances with foreign companies to share technologies that allows them to manage market challenges and fasten their business growth.  

ILOC has worked on various landmark domestic and international joint ventures wherein we have advised foreign companies with patented technology looking to enter the Indian market & form a technical collaboration with a domestic company or an Indian company eyeing the specific technical support for expansion & trying to find a suitable technology partner. With strong presence across the globe & unique methodology, we help you to get access to advance technology that could make a huge difference in your growth story.

Technology Transfer or Licensing Process:

The process is completed in 5 steps as below:

  • Compiling all the information related to the business.
  • Prepare Information Memorandum & Pitch Deck
  • Identify suitable technology holders or foreign companies having the requisite technical know-how and reach out to them on behalf of the Client.
  • Set up meetings with interested partners & negotiate the terms of deal.
  • Finalize the Technology Licensing Agreement and close the transaction.

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