Setting up of Company Abroad
Indian promoters and businesses are increasingly spreading their reach beyond borders, in pursuit of new customers and lucrative markets. This emanates from the changes taking place in the traditional mindsets of promoters, with the Indian companies becoming more open & aggressive to venture abroad. While the organic route for entering a foreign market seems to be fraught with lesser complications as compared with actions such as acquisitions & reverse mergers, it indeed brings with it several challenges and issues which Indian promoter has to prepare for. There are some obvious issues such as:

  • Cultural differences & mindset of local work force
  • Documentation & compliances
  • Different approach to book keeping & taxation
  • Immigration policies for officers on deputation
  • Local management running the business or expats
  • Local influences such as political compulsions & relations between India & the host country

We, at ILO Consulting have the global reach as well as the local knowledge, in nearly 55 countries. We have proven expertise for assisting Indian clients to enter into affluent & promising international markets by means of setting up corporate entities, and advising on local regulatory and compliance matters.

We help our clients achieve their global ambitions by providing end-to-end advisory support in matters including:

  • Incorporation of company in the international territory - all legal documentation & approvals
  • Evaluate tax, accounting and foreign exchange management regimes to provide most effective structuring options in line with the commercial objects
  • Structuring the investments through tax friendly jurisdictions
  • Finding a suitable local partner for technical collaboration, licensing, franchisee, distribution etc.
  • Ongoing assistance in business, financial, legal or compliance related matters, in the new market(s)

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