Germany has a highly skilled labour force, a large capital stock, a low level of corruption and a high level of innovation. The service sector contributes approximately 71% of the total GDP (including information technology), industry 28%, and agriculture 1%.

ILO Consulting Services

ILO Consulting has a well developed collaboration with leading advisory groups in Germany to provide better assistance to its clients by helping them with their business expansion in Germany. Our alliance ensures smooth transition for our ambitious clients as our associate advisor is more acquainted with local conditions and would be better equipped to facilitate the requested services diligently in Germany.

Our Partner

ILO Services Düsseldorf

The company has a rich experience and knowledge in successfully concluding the transition and providing assistance in Legal, Accounting and corporate finance advisory.


ILO Services Dusseldorf

Fritz-Vomfelde-Straße 8

40547 Düsseldorf