• 1. Back Office Services
  • 2. Overseas Acquisition
  • 3. India Entry Program
  • 4. Corporate Finance
  • 5. Setting up of Company Abroad
  • 6. Franchising & Distribution
  • 7. Corporate Matching Program
  • 8. Joint Ventures & Alliances
  • 9. Investment Banking
Back Office Services

We provide complete back office support so that our clients can focus on their main business activities and serve the customers.

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Overseas Acquisition

ILO Consulting works with over 120 advisory partners - law firms, tax advisory, accountancy firms worldwide, who offer opportunities on companies which are their clients and make available options that are “off the market”. We are able to offer wide range of acquisition opportunities, from micro targets (size less than USD 1 million) upto jumbo sized market leaders (more than USD 5 billion).

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India Entry Program

Setting up business operations internationally presents companies with enormous opportunities along with steep learning curve of business operations and unique challenges related to employment, taxation, payroll, compliance, etc. The organizations are required to be legally compliant, manage day-to-day taxation and accounting issues, knowledge of labor laws and available benefits. ILO Consulting offers a complete range of specialized services in the current dynamic business environment for set

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Corporate Finance

We, at ILO Consulting are well placed in the global financial ecosystem through our network of international legal, accountancy and corporate finance advisory partner firms. Our team’s wealth of experience across geographies and industries enables us to offer our clients most suitable financing mechanisms as per their capital structure needs. We work closely with our clients in capital structuring and arranging optimal debt financing solutions from best-in-class funding sources, based

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Setting up of Company Abroad

We help our clients achieve their global ambitions by providing end-to-end advisory support in matters. This include incorporation of company in the international territory - all legal documentation & approvals; evaluate tax, accounting and foreign exchange management regimes to provide most effective structuring options in line with the commercial objects; Structuring the investments through tax friendly jurisdictions; finding a suitable local partner for technical collaboration, licensing,

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Franchising & Distribution

We, at ILO Consulting can help ambitious brands & business owners from any part of the world in finding suitable franchisee or distribution opportunities in an alien market. Our deep knowledge mix of legal, financial and business environments in over 40 countries globally positions us favorably to add significant value to the client’s business growth ambitions. ILO Consulting shoulders complete responsibility of the client’s franchising plan and works closely with the client

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Corporate Matching Program

Corporate Matching Program, an initiative by ILO Consulting is a unique platform for cross-border collaborations operational in 23 countries, where we match the growth ambitions of Indian and global companies in finding a joint venture and long-term strategic alliances. Corporate Matching Program finds a suitable match for collaboration needs between businesses from India & countries across the globe including - USA, UK, Japan, China, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Brazil, Argentina,

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Joint Ventures & Alliances

Joint Ventures are one of the most beneficial business decisions & at the same time one of the highest failure rate segments of growth initiatives that businesses deploy. With increase in globalization and competitiveness, more corporates are expected to turn to joint ventures and alliances as an effective strategy to win a marketplace in a new country or city. In our opinion a Joint Venture is one of the best strategy for a foreign company in the Indian market & for Indian companies

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Investment Banking

With a wide experience in designing customized solutions, our investment banking practice is built on professional ethics and strong relationships. Leveraging our professional expertise we derive maximum value for our clients and then advise them on most suitable business growth and financial strategies. Our team of experts develops and garners relationships with clients at both shareholder as well as senior management levels to have better understanding of their immediate and long-term goals

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How Automobile Sector can get GST ready

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Knowledge Center

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The FCCB’s, which are a special category of bond instruments, have played an important role in...

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Economic Globalization, as we know it today, was born just after the Second World War, and was a result of a series of agreements between

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Germany as a destination for doing business has always been at the heart of every Entrepreneur owing to its stature around the world...

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