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Entrepreneurs are well aware that juggling competing priorities while trying to enter a new market could be quite challenging. Starting from building the business model, preparing a market strategy to acquiring customers, all new business enterprises sooner or later face issues that need assistance of experts.

ILOC has worked with various innovative and disruptive start-up companies not only in India but also in international geographies providing advisory services related to market research, building business strategy, project reports, valuation, legal & regulatory compliances, due diligence, raising funds and finding suitable partners. Whether you are setting up a new business or already have a fledgling venture, our start-up specialists bring in their in-depth market knowledge, decades of entrepreneurial experience and hands-on approach that would help you achieve your business objectives faster than what you thought was possible. 

Areas of Focus:

  • Market Study & strategic analysis
  • Building a business plan
  • Structuring the entity including process of incorporation & compliances
  • Access to latest technology through collaboration with market leaders
  • Raising funds through a strategic investor
  • Forming Joint Ventures with suitable international partners that could accelerate business growth.
  • Entering International markets – finding customers, appointing distributors etc.
  • Government Subsidies & Incentives

Accelerator Program:

An accelerator program gives developing & start-up companies access to a higher level of capital pool, resources, domestic & international market access, highly experienced advisory that is generally available to the large & developed companies and a reliable support system. This program is unique in several ways as it brings years of International & domestic knowledge in business growth, legal, tax & financial services that are available with the top 1000 companies in India within your reach along with the expertise to nurture a promising business into an MNC.

Eligible Companies for Accelerator Program

  • Size of Business: Below Rs.25 crores in revenues & below 50 employees.
  • Age of Business: Less than 5 years in business
  • Sectors: Engineering, Automobile, Infrastructure, Telecom, Textiles, Fintech, FMCG, healthcare, IT etc.

Challenges for Start Up:

Until a company achieve a relative scale of business, it is difficult to achieve a level where the following resources are available:

  • Clear Market Guidance and Advisory, Specialist CFO functions.
  • Access to technology & mature capital markets in India & Overseas.
  • Collaboration opportunities with International technology leaders.
  • High end Legal, tax advisory & Investment Banking & Financial services.

How does our Accelerator Program help?

Industries are constantly changing, so a clear business strategy is important to avoid being left behind. We help you identifying the gaps in your business model and help develop a plan for necessary adjustments and improvements. This will lead to improved operational efficiency, access to new markets and access to finance.

Very Simply – we help by:

  • Step 1: Understanding your business & devising a growth strategy for the next 3 years.
  • Step 2: Open up international markets & other regional markets for you.
  • Step 3: Deciding with you whether franchising, joint ventures, private equity or any other means are your best growth options.
  • Step 4: Filing in the gaps that would help you grow your business much faster than your anticipation.

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