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There is a myth that only large firms can participate in M&A transactions and use M&A techniques to strengthen their position, enter new markets and obtain new clients. However, it is not true. Every organization, regardless of its size or the industry it operates in or whether its market is national or international, can become stronger through M&A.

There are various reasons for a company to go into M&A transaction such as companies with excess funds, searching for ways to grow quickly might be interested in acquiring upstream or downstream suppliers (vertical integration), direct competitors (horizontal integration), complementary businesses or even unrelated businesses to diversify their portfolio. The most important requirement for an M&A is that it must increase the shareholders' value and it must have a cultural fit even when the decision financially makes sense.

The question is not whether to do deals but how to do them so it creates maximum value.  

Our dedicated team of experts is engineered to design a clear precise strategy and an M&A plan reinforcing your winning strategy. Our team performs a detailed study of the companies’ background and financials and understands management’s objectives then propose a set of cost effective options that would lead to long term growth. We provide a start to end solution for smoothly executing the M&A transaction covering the whole range of basic elements of an M&A, be it structuring, taxation, financing, or regulatory compliances.

For more than a decade now, ILO Consulting has provided advisory services to corporates in how to create sustainable value from a business acquisition, combination or separation. Our methods are research-intensive, impartial and confidential. We consolidate financial analysis with our knowledge of industry to enable you understand the real value of an opportunity. Our global presence gives us insight into local culture and language skills essential to successfully execute any M&A transaction.

What do we offer?

  • Identifying the best Target suitable to your business objectives.
  • An in-depth due diligence ensuring you get advance knowledge of any key issue with the target company.
  • Based on the structure of the transaction, we determine true fair market value.
  • Represent clients during negotiations with potential buyer or seller.
  • Post-merger integration is as necessary as execution of the strategy. We advise on financial, fiscal or legal integration.

To make a transaction successful requires careful planning on every step. We at ILO Consulting are competent to assess your situation and help you to put the right strategy at right place ensuring long term success. For further details, please fill the contact us form.

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