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How Franchising & Distribution works to your advantage:

Raising funds for business expansion usually comes with its pressures. Franchising, relatively is a more attractive business growth option especially in times of an economic downturn. Without taking on huge investment burden or a financial liability, the promoter (owner of a successful business or a brand) can grow its reach and scale of operations. This growth option also allows the business model to expand with virtually unlimited amounts of capital and proves to be a win-win situation for the franchisor and the franchisee(s).

How ILO Consulting adds value to the process:

While exploring the avenues for franchising successful global models all over India & Indian models across various geographies internationally, there are some complexities which have to be considered and managed. We, at ILO Consulting can help ambitious brands & business owners from any part of the world in finding suitable franchisee or distribution opportunities in an alien market. Our deep knowledge mix of legal, financial and business environments in over 40 countries globally positions us favorably to add significant value to the client’s business growth ambitions.

ILO Consulting shoulders complete responsibility of the client’s franchising plan and works closely with the client through each step of the way ensuring the best possible strategy implementation. We carry out a thorough process broken down into the following simplified parts:

  • Initial assessment of business model and strategic growth objective of the client’s business
  • Evaluation of key industry trends in the target market where franchisee or distribution is to be set up
  • Identification, assessment and shortlisting of relevant franchisee or distribution partners
  • Initiation of discussions with the shortlisted targets, and facilitation of negotiations between the client and the probable franchisee/distributor
  • Enable the client in all decision making with respect to franchisee appointment
  • Assistance in legal and financial compliances and moving towards signing of Franchisee Agreement

The ILO Consulting team holds extensive experience and strong capabilities to find suitable franchisee and distribution partners for the client across a wide range of industries and product segments.

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