Corporate Matching Program
We, at ILO Consulting believe that in today’s challenging world, working together by way of complementing each other and becoming a One Force is the key to achieve the growth. We take organizations beyond the traditional nomenclature of acquisition & mergers and provide a platform for more effective and efficient joint ventures and alliances through Corporate Matching Program.

Corporate Matching Program, an initiative by ILO Consulting is a unique platform for cross-border collaborations operational in 23 countries, where we match the growth ambitions of Indian and global companies in finding a joint venture and long-term strategic alliances.

The types of structures being deployed under the Corporate Matching Program are:
  • Joint Ventures
  • Technology transfer or technology licensing arrangements.
  • Connecting foreign companies which wish to outsource manufacturing to India.
  • Franchisee & Distribution

Corporate Matching Program finds a suitable match for collaboration needs between businesses from India & countries across the globe including - USA, UK, Japan, China, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Brazil, Argentina, Israel, France, Norway, Greece, South Korea, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Africa, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

We have strong working relationship with leading law firms, Investment Banks, and financial advisory firms across globe, especially in these 23 countries belonging to the Corporate Matching Program network. We ensure significant value addition to our client’s business through our deep knowledge mix of legal, financial and business reach globally. Our understanding of the global business environment positions us favorably to deliver services diligently.

We have a vision to help our clients achieve their global ambitions and “Think Global” in the true sense.

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