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Entering a new market or expanding a business usually comes with quite a lot of pressure. Franchising could be a relatively more attractive option for business growth as the promoters (owner of successful business or a brand) can increase their reach and scale up the operations without taking on huge investment burden or financial liability. 

We work with ambitious brands & business owners from around the world in finding suitable franchisee opportunities in an alien market. Our clients leverage our in-depth sectoral knowledge and our full-service approach that begins with evaluation of brand’s potential to structuring & preparation of documents to finding the right likeminded companies and strategically appointing a master or multiple franchisees as the case may be. We support your brand throughout the growth journey from first couple of units to way up to hundreds of units and operating locations. While we do hold expertise in converting concept to big franchise brand, we also help legacy brands from across the sectors looking to target new market and advising them before investing in fresh initiatives.

ILOC Value Proposition:

The journey of building a global franchise brand could be complex but quite rewarding when done properly with a combination of right legal structure, business model, people and planning.

  • Experienced & Dedicated Advisors: Our team of highly experienced professional advisor & specialists who are recognized as leaders in their field, help our clients build a powerful and sustainable franchise model.
  • Sector Expertise: We know the ins and outs of all major sectors that enable us to guide our clients while setting up a franchise business in any segment.
  • Logical Solutions: We are aware of the complexities of franchise business and therefore, we develop logical and result-oriented solutions beforehand to combat any issue.
  • Global Presence: Our robust international network allows us to help our clients in any part of the world. You name the country, and we will find the best franchise opportunity for you.
  • Legal Implications: Business and law goes hand in hand. Our team has a mix of some of the best lawyers and franchise business advisors who work together to help you build a sound & legally complied business structure.

Franchise Agreement:

Whether you are a franchisor or a franchisee, the franchise agreement is one of the most important documents that you would encounter as it lays out all the terms and conditions of your relationship with the counterpart – the terms that would probably last for years and that could be used as base to terminate the franchise.  

If you enter the agreement without properly scrutinizing the terms, you will be agreeing blindly to a relationship that would dictate how your business operates. Our experts not only help you find right franchisor or franchisee, but we also help you with structuring and negotiating this crucial agreement and protect your interest & future. 

Franchising Process:

The process is completed in 6 steps as below:

  • Initial assessment of business model and strategic growth objective of the client’s business.
  • Evaluating key industry trends in the target market where franchisee is to be set up.
  • Prepare Information Memorandum & other promotional documents.
  • Identify suitable franchisee(s) and reach out to them on behalf of the Client.
  • Set up meetings with interested franchisee(s) & negotiate the terms of deal.
  • Finalize the Franchise Agreement and close the transaction.

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