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Collaborate with EU Solar Street Lighting Company to undertake Government Projects in India

Industry: Energy
Years in Business: 15 years
Country: Denmark
Transaction: Joint Venture
Revenue: Not Disclosed
Number of Employees: 25-50

Project Summary

European renewable energy company with a strong focus on developing state-of-the-art solar lighting projects across the globe is looking to enter the Indian market and partner with an industry leader to undertake projects & to install high quality solar street lightings in India.

The Company specializes in undertaking greenfield development projects driving the entire value chain - from early development to installation, commissioning and operation and maintenance. It also structures all or part of the required equity and dept financing to realise a project depending upon the requirements of individual projects. The Company has installed the solar streetlights in Middle East, Africa and across Europe.

Technology Overview

The technology is designed for 10+ years operation in the challenging environments. It securely integrates the electronics and houses the batteries in the foundation to minimize vandalism threats.

Key Highlights:

  1. LED – Industry leading efficiency. Natural white light and more than 100.000 operating hours.
  2. Optional monitoring built-in
  3. Solar Panels are made of prismatic glass for optimized energy harvesting from vertical axis and the nano coating prevents soiling.
  4. Uses latest lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cells with Zero Cobalt
  5. Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


The Company is interested to enter the Indian market and are willing to collaborate with an Indian entity to undertake government projects to supply and install high quality European designed solar streetlights across the country. The company offers financing options for the execution of project. The company is ready for any of the following arrangements:

The project is also available on CAPEX & OPEX model. Under OPEX model, the European company is will undertake the development and installation of solar street lightings and charge on OPEX basis. For CAPEX model, low cost financing is available from European channels.

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