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Top 10 Potential Investment Ideas

December 02, 2021

With in-depth research on multiple sectors, industries, and potential outlook, here is the list of top 10 investment opportunities in India.

ONEtoONE ILO Consulting has been persistently observing the international and domestic markets, changes in consumer demand and spending and government initiatives and schemes being offered to revive and boost economies worldwide.

ONEtoONE ILO Consulting with in-depth research on multiple sectors, industries, and potential outlook, suggests the Best Prospective Businesses.

The research report keeps in mind the initial investment to kick starts a project, returns that would follow over the years to come and the market demand for the same.

The 25 Best Ventures to invest include the following:

  1. Smart Lighting
  2. Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality
  3. Hydrophonic farming
  4. Waste Management System
  5. Tele-medicine
  6. Specialty Steel Bearing
  7. Data Management Systems
  8. Vertical Farming
  9. Solar Lights
  10. Electric Vehicle Charging Ports
  11. Security Camera Installation
  12. Insurance Technology Application
  13. Farm Management System
  14. Smart Water Management
  15. Wireless Routers
  16. Food Processing
  17. Wireless Blood Pressure Monitoring System
  18. Glucose Tracking device production
  19. Digital Cardiac Monitoring System
  20. Coated Steel Equipment
  21. Security Solutions
  22. Smart Home Products
  23. Stainless Steel Products
  24. Mobile Handsets
  25. Fin-tech Platforms

The Top 10 that ONEtoONE ILO Consulting recommends are:

Smart Bulb

The smart lighting industry is expected to witness a CAGR of 48.87% with a revenue of USD 1,150 million by 2024. While setting up a smart lighting manufacturing unit would cost USD 30,000 only it offers high returns.

A revolutionized concept encouraging energy consumption optimization and conservation and improving security with just a voice command. The internet-capable LED light bulb allows customization, scheduling and may be controlled remotely through a smart phone, lowering electricity bills and increasing energy efficiency.

Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality

The industry is to witness a growth of 63.31% by 2024 to touch USD 5.4 billion. The initial investment to build a AR/VR platform takes a maximum of USD 68,000 with a return on investment from 10% to 15%.

Firms are aiming to move to digital marketing methods and are finding innovative solutions to improve on-line customer experience since the pandemic. The focus is on adopting a AR/VR METHOD of improving shopping experiences and making it simpler.

Hydro-phonic Farming

With an initial investment outlay of mere USD 10,000 an individual can gain from an expected CAGR of 13.53% over the next seven years with the rising demand for hydrophobic farming solutions. The push for sustainability due to depleting resources and scarcity of land has brought attention on using improved methods of farming.

Tele – Medicine

A platform that connects doctors, patients and incorporates a patient data management system would require an initial investment of USD 7,000 – USD 10,000 per site, the industry is to reach USD 5.4 billion by 2024 with a CAGR of 31%. To maintain the social distancing norms and the scare of contracting the virus the demand for e-consultation has been on a rise.

Ball Bearing Production

A basic bearing manufacturing machine costs USD 7,000 and the industry is to witness a CAGR 9.1% by 2024, reaching USD 186.1 billion. Taking advantage of the PLI scheme for specialty steel, high value products utilised by various sector such as industrial, food processing and automotive.

The government is encouraging domestic production to reverse India from an importing to an exporting nation, matching global quality while maintaining cost efficiency.

Mass Data Management Systems

Setting up a software may take anything between USD 2,000 - USD 10,000 and have a expected growth of 8.4% by 2024. The rising demand for Internet of Things would lead to am immense amount of data that would require storage and analysis making MDM the need of the hour in all sectors. The data sets could include products, energy consumptions to smart city management and security, leaving a wide horizon of expansion.

Solar Lighting

The minimum investment required to set up is just USD 5,500 while the expected growth is 15.6% with a market of USD 10.8 million by 2024 with a return on investment being more than 8%. India’s target to achieve neutral emission by 2050 and abundant availability of renewable sources has pushed the demand for wiser energy consumption methods replacing the current coal based ones. The government to encourage the same offers incentives as rebates for generating energy and providing to the grid further connecting rural consumers as well.

Electric Vehicles Charging Ports

The initial investment to create a EV charging port industry would take USD  55,000 with a CAGR of 18.44% by 2024. The segment is backed by various government initiatives encouraging the move such as Tax rebates on purchase itself. The EV segment in India is expected to increase by 33% leaving potential opportunities to build infrastructure that supports the same.

Insurance Technology

India is the 2nd largest insurance technology market. In Asia pacific accounts for 35%. The setting up of a platform cost between GBP 500-GBP 150000 while a growth of 9.3% estimated. The insurance industry penetration was pegged at 3.76% in FY20 and over all density at USD 78 M. Incorporating technology would create a high penetration rate with an average of 90% consumers using Digital platforms.

Wireless Routers

The initial cost of setting up a business is close to USD 25,000 and the business CAGR is expected to be a 8.4% within the next five years reaching a USD 17billion by 2024. India currently imports 80% of the telecom and networking equipment and the government introduced PLI in the sector to increase domestic production for the same. The launch of 5G technology in the horizon and the demand to revamp router systems capable to manage the same provides potential to gain from.

The recommendations listed incorporate government schemes and policies that have been launched to increase domestic manufacturing, initiate greater volumes of exports, and boost the overall economy.

The Production Linked Incentive Schemes launched by the government targets 13 sectors of high value that make up for a large amount of India’s imports currently. The scheme encourages domestic production through production linked incentives of 4% to 6% over a span of five years to make India self-reliant and exporters of global competitive products. The sectors included are –

  • Telecom
  • Specialty Steel
  • Medical Devices
  • Automobiles and Auto Components
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • White Goods, Textile
  • High Efficiency PV Modules
  • Advanced Chemistry Cell Batteries and Food Products.
They have also re-structured FDI policies for various sectors to attract investments and bring in state of the art technology.

Programs such as Digital India, Skill India, Startup India were launched to boost Indian e-commerce. They are expected to contribute to the growth of the online trade by a 51% and touch USD 200 billion by 2026. To build liquidity and protect the MSMEs that currently contribute 30% to India’s GDP, the government has announced and 30% to India’s GDP, economic stimulus of USD24 billion and is exploring another
bailout of USD 1,033 million for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.


  1. With the developments in the fast-growing technology, there is a need and focus globally for the green energy and smart devices that are fast, attractive and multifeatured.
  2. New and alternative ways of production have also led to many innovations.
  3. Government of India is increasingly focusing on replacement of imports with exports for becoming self-reliant by manufacturing in India leading to positive flow of foreign exchange in the system, so they have started with PLI and various other schemes to promote such activities.
  4. Every business has a life cycle, and these are the upcoming areas where we feel that maximum growth can happen and is clearly visible in the case of the EV which are manufactured and showing growing sales observed in short span of time.
  5. With the passage of time health care has improved a lot and there are drastic changes which has given ease to the patients and saved lot of time.
  6. As everything is growing digital there is a need to protect and manage data.
  7. To protect the scarce nonrenewable resources alternatives have been developed in the farming, solar technology which is cheap and ecofriendly.

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