Energy Storage

Investment in Patented Grid-level Energy Storage Batteries Manufacturing Company in UK

Company Overview: The Company develops and manufactures rechargeable Copper/Zinc battery cells that can be scaled to an industrial level. Based in UK, the company has a 100% owned US subsidiary ensuring a global footprint. The technology is patented in UK, US, China, Australia, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Netherlands and Ireland. Scalable, without safety or supply chain issues, and it has End of Life value Copper/Zinc $15,000/MWh. Copper-Zinc complements rather than competes with Lithium-ion & it beats flow batteries on cost and environmental issues.
State of the Art:
  • 1000’s Individual Cells Tested
  • Materials are Readily Available
  • All Components are queued for mass manufacture
  • Alpha Testing Complete
  • Beta Testing in Process
Technology - The Copper-Zinc System:
Copper – Zinc batteries which were manufactured initially were single-discharge cells which could not be recharged electrically. The cells were recharged physically with fresh chemicals. However, the UK based company has developed a patented system for making Copper/Zinc rechargeable using an ionically permeable separator.
There are various benefits of Copper/Zinc battery such as:
Safe & Reliable:
  • Proven chemistry from mining industry
  • Ambient operation
  • Aqueous (not flow)
  • Green – 99.5% recyclable
Lowest Projected Cost:
  • Abundant, low-cost materials
  • Automotive-style assembly
  • Maintainable – 30 year life
  • Round trip efficiency 80%+ ac/ac
Proposal: The Company is looking to raise £5m equity to build a production facility in UK and for international demonstration systems.