Hunting Scope

German Rifle Scope Manufacturer is looking for a Distribution Partner in India

Company Overview: Founded in 1957, the German company is specialized in manufacturing high quality rifle scopes for hunting, sports, law enforcement and military. Initially company produced telescopic sights for various German hunting equipment sales chains under different brand names and later on it started to produce telescopic sights under their own brand name. One of the leading suppliers for scopes in the world, the company still produces rifle scopes manually and therefore, makes a limited number of quality scopes annually.
The company is ISO 9001 certified and offers a wide variety of different scopes in two product lines which have unique features. The company also offers covers for lenses, oculars and filters. All riflescopes are built with incredible precision with high-quality technologies. The company also has a unit in Hungary which produces optical components used in their own rifle scopes.
Company Offerings:
With more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing rifle scopes, the company is global supplier for the most discriminating hunters, leading police forces, and elite military groups worldwide.
Hunting Scopes: The hunting riflescopes are divided into several families and models. These cover many hunting applications while accommodating various price classes. Each offers the premium standards of quality to its customers. Rifle scopes series for hunting are brighter and thus ideal for shooting during challenging light conditions.
Military & Competitive Scopes: These are special series intended for use by police, military and competition shooters worldwide. They are developed in close collaboration with various Special Forces from Police and Military as well as competition shooters around the globe. All riflescopes under this series share outstanding reliability and precision, enabling the perfect shot over short, medium, long and ultra-long distances.
Proposal: The Company is keen on expanding to Indian sub-continent market including India, Nepal, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka and is looking for a suitable distribution partner in India.