Mobile EV

Distribution Opportunity: Patented Mobile Charging and Payment Solution for EV

Company Overview: Established in 2014, it is the first company to built a unique & patented mobile charging and payment solution for electric vehicles. Generally, it is convenient and inexpensive to charge your car in underground parking lot of your building with a regular outlet, but it is difficult to process the payment as it could be cumbersome and expensive. The company has designed a best & easy solution to solve the dilemma of electric car charging.
Key Features:
The company has designed a system where you can easily carry a portable Charger & Socket to with you and charge your car anywhere – in building parking lot or stations. The payment would be automatically deducted from the landlord electricity bill and the driver has to simple subscribe & auto-pay every month without hassle of carrying credit cards, cash or smartphones.
  • Automatic Payment Solution
  • Can Charge all Electric Cars
  • Fastest Mobile Charger with 7m Cable
  • Standby Powerless Security System
  • No need for Card or Smartphone
  • Charge Anywhere with 220V Socket
  • Any outlet could be used for Charging
Proposal: The Company wants to expand to Indian market and are looking for suitable distributors to sell their innovative mobile EV charging system in India.