Optic Birding

Austrian Optical Instrument Manufacturer is looking for a Distribution Partner in India

Company Overview: Part of 125 years old group, the Austrian company has been making quality optics since 1895. It is split into two major divisions one makes optics & cut lead crystal, and the other one produces industrial cutting and drilling machinery. The optics are currently being used by militaries, law enforcement agencies, wildlife researchers, hunters, birders, and sporting enthusiasts around the world. The company is recognized for the outstanding quality of its products and unrivaled performance. With revenue of EUR 156 Mn and 900+ employees, the company sell the products in over 92 countries worldwide.
Company Offerings:
The company specializes in manufacturing of long-range optical instruments including binoculars, telescopes (spotting scopes), rifle scopes, range finders and night sight devices.
Binoculars: These binoculars give intense sharpness of image and totally natural colour reproduction. With high optical quality it provides clear and distortion-free viewing at any distance. The brand offer many innovations and time-honored features which makes it durable & trustworthy professional equipment. The company produces many models of binoculars in addition to its extensive range of other outdoor optics.
Rifle Scopes: The rifle scopes produced by the company are balance technological innovations with a deep respect for the hunting tradition. They are designed to address the practical challenges faced by hunters and shooters while adhering to the brand’s philosophy of innovation, quality and aesthetics. These rifle scopes offer the widest array of zoom choices and the most options within the premium segment of elite hunting optics.
Proposal: The Company is keen on expanding to Indian sub-continent market including India, Nepal, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka and is looking for a suitable distribution partner in India.