Specialist Fertilizer Mix

Australian Specialist Phosphate Fertilizer provider plans to set up Soil Testing Business across India through Joint Venture/Franchise

Company Overview: Australian phosphate miner which promotes green fuel and provides specialized phosphate based fertilizer mix. Phosphate is one of three primary crop nutrient which improves the quality of fruit, vegetable and grain crops and plays a vital role in seed formation.  They respect the knowledge of the farmers and work alongside them to create a land resource producing optimum quality plants, pastures and forestry products. The company has set up a subsidiary in India and plans to establish 553 ‘soil testing’ franchise across different regions of the country.
Products & Services:
  • Soil Testing: Soil testing is a Chemical process by which requirement of nutrients for plant can be analysed to maintain the soil fertility. It is one of the important tools to assess the nutrient requirement for a crop/cropping sequence. Indian partner/comapny will have to set-up a soil testing laboratory in their region and the company will provide complete support in terms of machinery (rental/hire), equipment and technology to ensure the lab runs smoothly.
  • Specialist Fertilizer Mix: Company manufactures and distributes phosphate based natural fertilizer mix that helps with rejuvenation of wasted lands. Phosphorus, along with nitrogen and potassium, is one of three key nutrients that plants need and the main ingredient in phosphate fertilizer. Maintaining proper levels helps a plant acquire and store energy, as well as transfer it throughout the plant. The company targets to produce 5 Million tons per annum to satisfy the needs of Indian market.
Proposal: An international Company is looking at setting up soil testing & fertilizer business at all districts in India backed by reliable supply from Australia. The company either through a Joint Venture or through franchisees will grant a license to develop wastelands all over India to encourage plantations in the redeveloped wastelands.